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Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Sat Nov 18 19:28:29 GMT 2017

On 11/18/2017 10:33 AM, carolcooper at shaw.ca wrote:
> I am a total Luddite in terms of ebooks - I do not like reading on a
> screen - but am going to make an exception for these.
Here's my screen reading advice:

Use a white-ish background, but not pure white. It's too harsh. Most 
readers have something like a "paper" color to choose. The Amazon web 
reader has a "Sepia" option in the font settings, for example.

Set your screen brightness pretty low. Most people run a computer 
monitor far too bright for indoors conditions. For example, almost all 
of mine are set at 15 - 20% brightness. The key is you want the light 
coming off the display to be LESS than the room light. That is what 
reading off a page is like. The reflection of light off the page can 
never be more than the light source shining on it, and you want the 
computer screen to feel similarly.

You want enough contrast to read comfortably but not so much that your 
pupils are trying to shrink.

Use an LCD monitor not CRT. I don't know if anyone still uses a CRT 
monitor, but this was the biggest improvement in reading on screen for 
me. LCDs don't flicker -- well, they do if they use PWM (pulse width 
modulation) with a fluorescent or LED back-light -- but this is usually 
thousands of times per second and not noticeable by most people, unlike 
CRTs which flicker at 60-75 times per second. And some higher-end 
monitors like Dell UltraSharp use constant power LED and have no flicker 
at all.

Use a narrow window size. A lot of screen readers will do this for you. 
But if they don't then make the window small enough that the text is 
only 70 - 80 characters across. Without this your eyes lose track of the 
line you're reading.

My real preference for electronic reading is my smart phone. I have it 
with me everywhere and it is hand held which lets me hold it at any 
comfortable angle, rather than the fixed position of a computer monitor. 
Tablets are good too.
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