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His comments on Autism Speaks are allowed on the  B.B.C. without being bleeped out? That is, if they're anything like MY opinion of that organization, and my usual cussing is along the lines of "Dangnabbit"" or "Those fracking idiots". Brownie points to those who can identify the TV shows I stole those euphemisms from.  But for some I make and exception and go !@#$%^&*(*))!!!!!!!!!😝😡😡

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Re the recent discussion on gene cleaning, can I recommend the tv programme Chris Packham: Asperger's and Me, available on BBC iPlayer till 22 November?  Mr Packham is a wildlife commentator and investigates his condition in somewhat similar fashion to his other work. His comments on Autism Speaks will not, I think, surprise the list.
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