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carolcooper at shaw.ca carolcooper at shaw.ca
Sun Nov 19 01:23:58 GMT 2017

On Sat, 18 Nov 2017, at 17:33, carolcooper at shaw.ca wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've not been active on the list for a while (life just got so busy) 
> but I know I have a treat waiting for me - all those new Penric 
> novellas which I haven't started reading yet but trust I will love.  I 
> am a total Luddite in terms of ebooks - I do not like reading on a 
> screen - but am going to make an exception for these.  My question is, 
> how do I get them?  I'm in Canada and Amazon won't let me get them.  What
are my options?

I take it you haven't bought a Kindle ebook from Amazon before?

If your registered residential address with Amazon is correct you should be
able to choose Amazon.com or Amazon.ca but to buy an ebook you need to
select it as your one-click card (still use basket for everything

Are you going to read on a PC or some other device?

You'll need to install a free Kindle App.

Try buying a free book first.



Little Egret by email
Michael Dolbear in Walton-on-Thames

Actually, yes, I did have the app installed but then my hard drive crashed
and because I basically haven't used the app I forgot to reinstall it.  I've
now got that done.  For some reason that I will attempt to dig into and
fathom, while searching for Penric's Demon on Amazon.ca got me the message
'this item is not available in your country' when I clicked on the link
which Helen provided (thanks, Helen!) it allowed me to download it.  Looks
like I'm in business.  I think I'm going to try to read it on my husband's
ipad.  He got it for work but it's ridiculously under-utilized so I'm going
to commandeer it and see if it provides me with a better reading experience
than the computer screen.

The only time I have ever read an ebook was when I just couldn't wait to
read Captain Vorpatril's Alliance and got the e-ARC.  I found that for some
reason I just didn't get as absorbed in the book as I normally do and
obviously, it wasn't the reading matter that was at fault, so it had to be
the medium.  Let's see if the ipad does the trick.  

Thanks for the help and the nudges to my memory.  Very much looking forward
to getting acquainted with Penric.  If I've mis-remembered the format for
replying (bottom posting, top posting, whatever) please feel free to nudge
my memory further!!


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