[LMB] Penric ebooks

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 14:03:56 GMT 2017

> The only time I have ever read an ebook was when I just couldn't wait to
> read Captain Vorpatril's Alliance and got the e-ARC.  I found that for some
> reason I just didn't get as absorbed in the book as I normally do and
> obviously, it wasn't the reading matter that was at fault, so it had to be
> the medium.  Let's see if the ipad does the trick.
> ...
> Cheers
> Carol
I have trouble reading on backlit screens as well, but I'm very happy
reading on an eReader. If you are curious to dip your toes in without
buying a new eReader, you can sometimes get a good deal on old ones on

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