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M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 20 06:08:59 GMT 2017

From: Kevin Kennedy  

Just thinking, how do  demons get into the world? Aside from the one the 
Bastard sends, for death magic.  Is there a leak somewhere, or are they ALL 
sent by the Bastard to liven things up? Maybe, when the souls of the dead 
go to the gods, a demon can go back the other way. Some other way?

Micki: This is such a good question, Kevin, and I'm a little afraid to 
speculate in case I get a Theory in my head, and it is proved wrong in the 

But . . . maybe it's one of the longer-range plans of the Gods. Maybe the 
Bastard or the Mother (and possibly the sister and brother but not the 
Father, I'm almost certain) can send a demon into the world because they 
foresee a need for it four or five centuries down the line. 

For the matter, one could speculate on how people get into the world, too. 
I suppose in that universe, they are sent to . . . be food for the gods? 
Their glorious garden? Maybe the demons are just another variety. 



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