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> From: Kevin Kennedy
> Just thinking, how do  demons get into the world? Aside from the one the
> Bastard sends, for death magic.  Is there a leak somewhere, or are they ALL
> sent by the Bastard to liven things up? Maybe, when the souls of the dead
> go to the gods, a demon can go back the other way. Some other way?
> --
> Micki: This is such a good question, Kevin, and I'm a little afraid to
> speculate in case I get a Theory in my head, and it is proved wrong in the
> future.
> But . . . maybe it's one of the longer-range plans of the Gods. Maybe the
> Bastard or the Mother (and possibly the sister and brother but not the
> Father, I'm almost certain) can send a demon into the world because they
> foresee a need for it four or five centuries down the line.
> For the matter, one could speculate on how people get into the world, too.
> I suppose in that universe, they are sent to . . . be food for the gods?
> Their glorious garden? Maybe the demons are just another variety.

In Paladin of Souls, the demons are described as having escaped into the
world of matter. The creation tale says the world-soul contained "forces of
destruction that could not be denied" (from which come demons). Finally, at
the end of the tale, we have Ista's vision of Be-not: "a roiling pool of
demon energy, without form, without personas, without minds or wills or
song or speech or memories or any gift of higher order— the Bastard’s hell."

There's no particular expectation of success for trying to derive an entire
Theory of Demons on these tidbits of information, particularly since it's
clearly been filtered through people and dressed up for tales, but I'd be
willing to say the demons are generated in Be-not and either get destroyed
again or escape from it into the world of matter.

Karen Hunt

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