[LMB] Penric ebooks

Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Mon Nov 20 12:47:57 GMT 2017

M R Dolbear wrote:

>On Sat, 18 Nov 2017, at 17:33, carolcooper at shaw.ca wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've not been active on the list for a while (life just got so busy) but I
>> know I have a treat waiting for me - all those new Penric novellas which I
>> haven't started reading yet but trust I will love.  I am a total Luddite in
>> terms of ebooks - I do not like reading on a screen - but am going to 
>> make an exception for these.  My question is, how do I get them?  I'm in
>> Canada and Amazon won't let me get them.  What are my options?

>I take it you haven't bought a Kindle ebook from Amazon before?
>If your registered residential address with Amazon is correct you should
>be able to choose Amazon.com or Amazon.ca but to buy an ebook you need
>to select it as your one-click card (still use basket for everything
>Are you going to read on a PC or some other device?
>You'll need to install a free Kindle App.
>Try buying a free book first.

Piggybacking on this question from another Luddite who's in the same boat as Carol - is there any way to purchase and read the Penric stories on your laptop without buying from Amazon? If that's the only way, I'll do it, but I don't approve of Amazon's business practices and labour policies and when I can buy my books from elsewhere I prefer to.

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