[LMB] Barrayar-Japan parallels

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> On Nov 21, 2017, at 2:13 AM, Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:
> Would Barrayaran entertainment have a whole genre of "Time of Isolation"
> movies or movie-equivalents?

It would follow logically. We have all sorts of similar things in USA. Cowboy movies,
famous paintings in museums like the Met (NYC), King Author movies including
Monty Python’s, Shakespeare plays and movies, even Samurai movies.

Also that scene in _Komarr_ where Ekaterine and Dr. Mrs. Lady Vorthys  (starts)

“No more do I, dear. It's wonderful and dramatic to read about. So nice to be able to read, don't you know."
"I know girls who pine for it. They like to play dress-up and pretend being Vor ladies of old, rescued from menace by romantic Vor youths. For some reason they never play dying in childbirth, or vomiting your guts out from the red dysentery, or weaving till you go blind and crippled from arthritis and dye poisoning, or infanticide. Well, they do die romantically of disease sometimes, but somehow it's always an illness that makes you interestingly pale and everyone sorry and doesn't involve losing bowel control."
"I've taught history for thirty years. One can't reach them all, though we try. Send them to my class, next time."
Ekaterin smiled grimly. "I'd love to.”

Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Miles in Love.” iBooks. 

That market alone would make an audience worth seeking. Although our heroines probably read
about this more than watch movies. Thing about movies is they distort history radically. The
film makers want to sell. I know musicians who note that their view of Mozart is still distorted
by the movie “Amadeus”, for example.

Sufficient to the weevil is the day thereof.

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