[LMB] Barrayar-Japan parallels

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 19:26:58 GMT 2017

The Barrayarans would probably eat up _Game of Thrones,_ but I think that a
lot of them would either be sneering at the amateurism of the Westerosi
nobles, or critiquing their techniques at intrigue and betrayal.

Dumping some ToI nobles into Westeros would be interesting...in the sense
of the legendary (I've never been able to track the Chinese version down)
Chinese curse.

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 10:59 AM, Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk> wrote:

> On Tue, 21 Nov 2017 01:13:46 -0600, Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> >I was reading on Wikipedia about _jidaigeki_ (Japanese historical films)
> >and got to wondering if there is a parallel in Barrayaran culture.
> >
> >Would Barrayaran entertainment have a whole genre of "Time of Isolation"
> >movies or movie-equivalents?
> >
> >And I'd bet that actual Japanese _jidaigeki_ would probably be a big hit
> on
> >Barrayar, once the language barriers were done away with.  Kind of like
> how
> >I bet the older-fashioned Vor would eat up Elizabethan
> drama---Shakespeare,
> >Marlowe, Kyd and all the rest of them.
> Game of Thrones? :)
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