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Dumping Barrayaran nobles in GoT would probably result in Ezar Vorbarra,
the First of his name, Lord of the Andals and the First Men and Barrayar...

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> > I bet Eric is right that costume dramas are very popular on Barrayar --
> we
> > know for sure that there are children's shows (at least two) set in the
> ToI
> > with Captain Xav (I think it was Captain Xav) and that there were many
> verses
> > to the theme song of one. Sounds like Anime to me! The cheap kind from
> the 60s
> > with a lot of grimacing faces and zooming through the air, and jaws that
> flap
> > up and down regardless of the words in Japanese or English or any dubbed
> > language.
> >
> >
> >
> Lord Vorthalia the Bold
> Prince Xav also of holovoid fame ran guns during the Resistance. Their
> have to be holovids of that.
> ,
> Miles to Ekaterine  ACC Chapter 13
> ===========
> “When I was Nikki's age, my obsession was Lord Vorthalia the Bold,
> Legendary Hero from the Time of Isolation." His reminiscent voice
>  took on a rather fruity narrator's cadence, delivering this last.
> "That started with a holovid too, come to think of it, though before I was
>  done I was persuading my gran'da to take me to look up
> original Imperial archives. Turned out Vorthalia wasn't as
>  legendary as all that, though his real adventures weren't all so heroic.
> I think I could still sing all nine verses of the song that went with—"
> "Please don't," she growled.”
> =================
> Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Miles in Love.” iBooks.
> =================
> “Old," said Nikki. "Twenty."
> "Ah, well, there you go. Nobody expects you to carry out a really good
> revenge till you're at least old enough to shave.”
> Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Miles in Love.” iBooks.
> And in _Komarr_  Miles reference Hamlet to Nikki,
> Remember, Barrayar has more Shakespeare plays than we do.
> But Barrayar has so much history to choose from all of its own and
> Earth’s and the other planets of the Nexus.
> Anyway I do so hope that the Nexus al la Bujold never happens.
> For one thing, it requires The United States being destroyed in a
> nuclear war.
> --
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