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On Thu, November 23, 2017 10:20 am, Kevin Kennedy wrote:
> Just wondering how Sergyar,  say, gets colonists, now that things have
> started to be up & running.  Singles and couples with itchy feet?
> Youngish families? People from the Caravanserai & elsewhere who get a
> choice, "Sergyar or jail?"  Groups wishing to get away from where they
> are, but unable to  acquire a whole planet, like Athos' Founding Fathers?

One gets the impression from _Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen_ that
most if not all immigrants to Sergyar are voluntary; we're not seeing
involuntary transportees or the kind of harsh social structure we'd
see in (say) early Australia or early Virginia.  Some of that may be
due to Aral & Cordelia's influence, but Sergyar was being settled
well before they got there.

I rather expect that South Continent on Barrayar is where any
involuntary colonists go (much cheaper to ship them a few thousand
miles by air or water than a few dozen light-years by starship),
and that Sergyar started as a military base + dependents but rapidly
developed into a pioneer zone.  Someone (and maybe it was Regent Aral
Vorkosigan advised by Cordelia) probably figured that making sure
the colony and the mother planet thought well of each other would be
highly important a few centuries down the line.

> For kids with a background like the Caravanserai, does Cordelia or
> someone get a program set up that while they're doing grunt work to earn
> a chance at a farm (or the alternative in town/whatever) they're getting
> some of the schooling they missed at home?

I'm sure Cordelia has something like that set up in Vorkosigan
District; not sure she has the pull to set things like that up
everywhere.  We do see that there's some gentrification going on
in the area, when Ivan and Mark visit it -- it's much better than
it was when Cordelia passed through in quest of Miles.  (Still a
long way from perfect, mind you...)

Tony Z

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