[LMB] looking fro a quote by Cordelia(?)

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Fri Nov 24 12:11:33 GMT 2017

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> i believe there was a quote, quite possibly by Cordelia that ran something
> like
> this. "people from democracies adapt to being feudal lords quite well", but
> saying it better ... can anyone here point me in the right direction?

Cetaganda, chapter 16, near the end. Mia Maz of Vervain just accepted Lord
Vorob'yev's proposal:
"It still feels quite strange," Maz confided. "I mean, Lady Vorob'yev. How
did your mother cope, Lord Vorkosigan?"

"You mean, being an egalitarian Betan and all? No problem. She says
egalitarians adjust to aristocracies just fine, as long as they get to be
the aristocrats."

Karen Hunt

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