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I understand this thinking and considered it seriously but I let go of the idea of a perfect match with my expectations and relaxed to see how the writers, producers and actors would handle it. Had to back away from the first two episodes which were less than compelling but interesting as backstory which they were. The episode last night hit all the right notes for me. 
Very fond of Jason Isaacs work and love the approach he took and the Southern accent---doing it unlike the previous captains. We have only seen him in his ready room and the lab so far but it has to pique one's interest as to how he will interact with the crew. We know Stamets, the astromycologist, is sassy but he is put back on track quickly. We know Tyler, the head of Security, is one of his people---but he keeps her at arm's length as well. Saru is a holdover from Burnham's disgrace and will be an interesting blend of earlier characters who serves as a constant reminder of who Burnham was. Tilly is just pretty annoying but serve the purpose as our Watson.
Golly do you think I'm on board, or what? It looks right and feels right. I also think it's interesting to explore the Klingon War period of Star Trek history because the glove are off with the Prime Directive---the first two episodes proved that thinking outside the box is essential and that is exactly why Lorca wants Burnham.
Give it a chance, naysayers.

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Spoiler free:

At the moment, it's entirely character-driven, which is odd since we've barely had a chance to meet the characters before they start having major developments.  It's very much like a live-action Family Guy with much of the edgy content toned down.  It's a little silly, and I doubt they can continue forever without actually having some science-fiction scripts, but I found it entertaining and worth spending some time with to see how it develops.

I find it's much more like Star Trek than Star Trek - the most recent series have lost most of the joy, and the creators clearly have nothing to say as earlier incarnations did.  DS9 did a very good job of deconstructing Trek, and nothing after it has been worth watching.  I am not watching Discovery, both because I can't access it and I'm not interested.
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