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> Australia recapitulates California history in the wine department.
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> Gwynne?
> You know that was a dig at Aussie wines?  I'd say Oz has had the last laugh on that front.

Let us not forget NZ and South African wines, in the Southern Hemisphere, also not to be ignored.

I like NZ Sauvingnon Blanc, sparkling or not, gewurtztraminer, Reisling, and there’s a red sparking wine (name forgotten, but Paddock was part of it). Mostly the Marlborough region’s sweeter wines.

South Africa has Constantia, a dessert wine not unlike Hungarian Tokay. There’s a white recommended to us by the SA buyer at K&L Wines (I buy my singlemalts there: they are my booze pushers) that turned out to be one of my son’s favorite teachers’ favorite. It was his farewell gift to her, when he finished senior year. Given how highly it was recommended, I bought a bottle, which is in the wine cooler. Of course I can’t remember the wine or its vintner!

SA has some interesting wine producers: Goats Do Roam (a play on Côtes de Rhone), and Luddite’s Saboteur, a red bend.

I note that Zinfandel, my favorite red wine, does not seem to be produced in the Southern Hemisphere. [From Hungary, I adore Egri Bikaver, similar to zin, as well as Tokay.]

Australia’s Shiraz and CabSauv are quite delectable.

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