[LMB] Now Robins, Grayjays, Vultures and serial fiction 4

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Sun Oct 8 23:26:04 BST 2017

LMB: > the term" Grayjay" was one I came up with as an 
>equivalent of "Redbreast", which is what the old Bow 
>Street Runners, precursors of modern police detectives, 
>were dubbed in light of their uniform of red vests 

I didn't know that.  But somehow I persuade myself
I should have known about Red Vested British cops
from a very old Batman comic.  In which a teen aged
Bruce Wayne takes detective-ing lessons from a British
policeman while wearing the domino mask and red vest
that would later be side-kick Robin's. 

There is something in the culture about British
cops that seems very different from Sheriffs (as of
Nottingham), palace guards, Pinkertons, Centurions,
and other "peace-keeping forces" in other cultures,
times and places.  Sam Vimes in Prachett's Discworld 
is the best of recent caricatures of the underlying
concept. Armsman Roic fits right in. 

But it is unique enough I wonder if there is or even
could be this sort of "inquisiton" office in the 5GU?

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