[LMB] Crows, Grayjays, Vultures and serial fiction 2

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The Weald would probably be home to ravens - who would they be sacred to? Wolves apparently belong to the Son. I don't remember anything about crows so far, but in one of the Chalion books, wasn't the bluejay one of the Daughter's birds? So a greyjay could easily be one of the Father's birds.

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> > [the] problem for the Watsonian [is] crows are sacred to the
> >Dratsub.  That the Father and his officers "filch" a subset of
> >crows for other duties ... takes some serious ret-conning.
> Unless Each of the Family takes Its own corvid.  Bluejays for the
> Daughter, (Black) crows (and ravens?) for the Dratsub, Greyjays
> for the Father, and GREEN and BROWN jays (as visit our Texas
> coasts from time to time) for the Mother and Brother, (though
> how North American corvids wind up in a "French / Spanish"
> environment I don't care to wonder).

This may also be a case of different animals being sacred to
the different gods in different countries (rat and crow may
be the B*stard's most common animals, but there's nothing to
say that the Weald behaves the same as Chalion in this respoect.)

Tony Z

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