[LMB] Crows, Grayjays, Vultures and serial fiction 2

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>> coasts from time to time) for the Mother and Brother, (though  how North American corvids wind up in a "French / Spanish" 
>> environment I don't care to wonder).  

As I was walking all on my my ain,
I heard twa corbies, they were makin’ mane,
The tane unto the ither did say-o
Waur shall we gang and dine the day-o,
Waur shall we gang and dine the day?

I have this first verse, as performed by Old Blind Dogs, when Ian Benzie and Davy Catternach were still with the group, as an alarm for a number of times in my clock app.

French: we have le corbeau. In François Villon’s poem, Ballade des Pendus (Song of the hanged men) offers this grim vision:

La pluie nous a débués et lavés,
Et le soleil desséchés et noircis.
Pies, corbeaux nous ont les yeux cavés,
Et arraché la barbe et les sourcils.

Rain has unsmirched and washed us
And the sun has dried and blackened us;
Magpies and crows have carved out our eyes,
And torn off our beards and eyebrows.

I had not known, or forgotten, his Ballade des Seigneurs du temps jadis. Most know about Les Dames du temps jadis—

Tell me where, in which country
Is Flora, the beautiful Roman;
Archipiada (Alcibiades?), born Thaïs
Who was her first cousin;
Echo, speaking when one makes noise
Over river or on pond,
Who had a beauty too much more than human?
Oh, where are the snows of yesteryear!

Can’t find an English translation, but thisis the first stanza, in Modern, not medieval, French.

Qui d’autre ? Où est Calixte III,
Dernier décédé de ce nom,
Qui occupa le siège de pape pendant quatre ans ?
Alphonse, le roi d’Aragon,
Le gracieux duc de Bourbon,
Et Arthur, le duc de Bretagne,
Et Charles VII, le Bon ?...
Mais où est le preux Charlemagne !

My attempt to translate:
Who else? Where is Calixte (Callisto?) III, last decendant of that name,
Who held siege to the Pope (Rome or Avignon?) for four years?
Alphonse, the King of Aragon,
The gracious Duke  of Bourbon,
And Arthur, the Duke of Brittany,
And Charles VII, the Good?
But where is the valiant Charlemagne?

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