[LMB] OT: How Did You Learn to Read?

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Oh, don't I know! My ex-husband was told early in life that his scholastic troubles were due to either being stupid or simply not dong the work. I'm overjoyed that his parents --- forgive any tupos. The at is between me, the keyboard, and the screen and my typing is coming out ALL fyslexic ....

OK. Because Phil was visibly working very hard, they decided he simply didn't have what it took intellectually. Even though he could carry on a conversation on, say, cosmology - some of it deliberately stringing me out to see how far I'd go - without any problems. Because he was raised to believe that the only people with any credibility were his superiors in rank or "qalified professionals," he never accepted the idea that he was not stupid until someone with a degree in the proper subject told him he was "gifted learning-desabled."

I am so very verbal that my dad cpuld not accept "I didn't know" or "I didn't realize" as an answer, so instead of "stupid or lazy" it was "lazy, or deliberatelt disobedient." Which of course, from time to time, I certainly was.

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Gosh. I was not an early reader. I had a few sight words in kindergarten, but learned to read in first grade. It was 1960. We used the Dick and Jane readers, and a phonics chart that I was heartily bored of by third grade. I LOVED reading but couldn't read out loud to save my life. I kept misreading words and was never in the top reading group. I'd see "house" and say "home" or see "the" and say "a". I pretty much only looked at the first few letters of each word and went on from there by context. Naturally, reading group time made me nervous and uncomfortable. I was also really good at losing my place. I figure my teachers were surprised when I'd score 99+ percentile on reading comprehension tests.

In retrospect I know that I am dyslexic and have ADHD. My handwriting was not very legible. I remember my 5th grade teacher wondering to my mother how I could read so much and spell so horribly.

Stealth dyslexia: the high IQ conceals the reading disability and the reading disability conceals the high IQ.

Janet in TN

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