[LMB] Costume parties

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 15 07:16:25 BST 2017

Well, of course, there were masks in Penric, but I can't remember for sure if they were only acting masks. 
If Barrayar *didn't* have costume balls, I'd like to know the reason why! It seems they have an innate love of dressing up and showing off, and the attics would be full of historical clothing to play with. 
Barrayar, I just realized, has the luxury of a lot of space. They can afford to store stuff, including silly things. Just how much spaces would a place like Beta or Komarr have for storing fripperies like costumes or Winterfair decorations? I bet the Winterfair equivalent would be edible so it didn't need to be stored for long. 
Maybe Beta had elegant little masks. (-: Or edible costumes that were quite risque and could be consumed in one night? 


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