[LMB] OT: How Did You Learn to Read?

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 16 01:03:10 BST 2017

Textures are really a different part of the brain than left/right, though. I almost 
always have to double-check left/right verbal (and probably written) directions 
with "my hand that makes an L". But I have absolutely no problems seeing an arrow 
on the GPS and knowing the direction, and I do slightly better with 
east/west/north/south verbal directions if I know the area I'm being directed in. 
("OK, sun rises over there. OK. I'm oriented.) 

I think I'd do better with "red boot, blue boot" than right and left, actually. Not 
sure; definitely if I see them, not so sure if I can't see them -- except that 
"red" and "blue" leave a stronger impression on my mind than "right" and "left" -- 
and also I know I'm not super-good with sensual things unless I'm concentrating. 

(-: There is a huge sensual difference between hay and straw, though. That's a 
really cool technique!


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