[LMB] OT: How Did You Learn to Read?

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>     > I have absolutely no problems seeing an arrow on the GPS and knowing the
>     > direction, and I do slightly better with
>     > east/west/north/south verbal directions if I know the area I'm being
>     > directed in.
>     > ("OK, sun rises over there. OK. I'm oriented.)
>     Yes! Exactly! Sometimes when I’m not sure how much twisting the road has
> done, and the sun is right overhead or obscured by clouds, I use “logical
> N/E/S/W” to clarify. Hwy 280 makes several directional shifts from San Jose to
> San Francisco. Hwys 92 and 84, nominally E/W, curve a lot between Bay and
> ocean. Hwy 101 is mostly N/S, but in LA, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties,
> it’s quite often E/W for long stretches.

yep - been there, done that .. of course its easier when one lives in an area
that is basically rectangular in its layout

old european towns rarely are 8) - it sometimes help if you can mentally switch
from cartesian (rectangular) coordinates to polar (spiderweb, centered on city

London however is beyond that - its a hodgepodge

>> (-: There is a huge sensual difference between hay and straw, though. That's
>> a
>> really cool technique!
> Tell me more! I think that, what most urban folk call “hay bales” are really
> straw. Hay’s too valuable for tossing about for human use: it’s feed.

its what my food eats .. 8)

its also very comfortable to sleep in .. 8) (unless you are allergic)



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