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On one occasion I had a particularly bad experience. I moved to Albuquerque when I was 13 and lived in the “north valley” through when I started driving. For those who don’t know Albuquerque, likely everyone but Patricia, Sandia Crest is on the east side of town and there are many TV and radio towers on top. From the north valley, it is a reliable direction finder at night, or so I thought.
Albuquerque is rather large (almost 190 square miles) and the first time I was driving on the eastern side of town at night I became thoroughly confused as the crest was North.

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Sometimes roads go opposite to the logical direction. That is, for example, you are going south when the overall route
is going to take you north and vice versa, of course. IIRC, there is a famous example near Boston.

Probably several, if my recollection of Boston is true. They paved the cow paths and called them roads.

Well they were the lead city in early America, for a long time. You go to the Metropolitan in the American wing
and the early artists all worked in Boston, or England or perhaps on the continent.

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