[LMB] OT: How Did You Learn to Read?

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>> Amen.Correct instead of Right is a habit already....  and when did Right
>> acquire so many meanings?  *dictionary of word origins is currently not
>> useful*
> You want lots of meanings?  I believe "set" followed by "let" are the
> words with most dictionary entries, in English at any rate.

What about “sound” and “fell”; not so much different meanings, but different words that are spelled and pronounced the same. For example:

“Sound whales sound the sound with sound.” I am not using the meaning of the verb that is usually associated with whales.

BTW, as far as the topic of this thread is concerned, I believe that I did not learn to read before I was 6 years old, but, IIRC, I was reading multiple books a week before I reached my 10th birthday.

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