[LMB] OT: directions, Was How Did You Learn to Read?

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 19 07:25:50 BST 2017

From: "Margaret Devere" <margaret at devere.net>

Other people have a route they follow, and if they get off that route, they're in trouble. They've never put together a picture of the whole. I play a game of trying to get from here to there using a route I've never used before, or side streets. I like to look around me and say "I've never been here before." When I first moved to Denver, 36 years ago, I took day trips into the mountains, just driving randomly. I still do that, but I've usually been on the road before. However, the latest version of the game is, whenever you come to a choice point, one person in the car chooses left, right, or straight. We take turns. We get to some good places :)

Gwynne: I'm one of those people who learn one way to get to a place, and find
it hard to cope with changes. As for your game of finding new ways - I often find
new ways to get to a place, but it's not deliberate.

The worst for me was one night when I was returning home and one end of my
road was blocked with roadworks. I followed the detour - next left, along that road,
left again down to my own road, where there's the sole streetlight on my road (rural
area, very dark at night), left and along my road to home. Except that there
were roadworks also blocking the detour road. I turned off and tried to go around the
block. I spent twenty minutes driving around in the dark, saw absolutely nothing
that I recognised, and finally found myself in a road that I knew, on the other side of
my own road. At no time had I crossed my road. There's no side streets that could
have got me there. I tried to drive it again the next day, couldn't find a way to get
there. Tried google maps - there are no, zero, none, no roads going the way I turned
to get totally lost. All I can think of is that I drove through someone's farm, but I
was on a road the whole time. I still can't figure out how I got there.

And yes, I was lost in my own road. Apparently. I blame aliens.

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