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On Sat, 28 Oct 2017, at 23:57, Lois Bujold wrote:

> My e-person just informed me that the update button to get the corrected 
> file may take up to 24 hours to appear. :-( I'll keep checking, and 
> report when/if it does.
> New purchasers should be OK; if not, I need to know ASAP.
> I still don't know what Nook or iTunes have for this sort of dilemma. 
> (If anyone knows, please shout out.)  As a last resort, I suppose one 
> could return the e-book and repurchase, but one would need to have heard 
> about the glitch.
> (I'm all about drama, but not THIS kind, drattit...)
> For a quick check to see which edition you have: the proper ending of 
> Ch. 1 should be:
> “Oh”—Pen exhaled—“nothing of importance now. Let’s go find Duke Jurgo.”
> They exited the bookroom together, Nikys’s shorter steps for once 
> outpacing Penric’s leggy stride.
> Ta, L.

Thank you for that, I am indeed on the original.

I (and Martin-in-New Zealand) have failed to convince any bookmaker to
put version numbers on the copyright page.

I looked for "Update Available" (browser search Cntl-F) and found more
than a dozen, which demonstrated that my understanding of how Amazon do
things is defective since I have automatic book updates ON.


Automatic Book Updates
With automatic book updates ON, you will receive the most up-to-date and
fully featured version of the Books you own. In order to preserve your
reading progress, bookmarks, notes, highlights and annotations across
different versions of books, make sure that all of your Kindle devices
and reading apps have "Annotations Backup" or "Whispersync for Books"
turned on.
If you choose to turn it OFF, you will no longer receive book updates
==end quote

I have also had emails offering updates which might cause loss of notes
and highlights so are not automated.

One update was for Penric's Mission: Penric & Desdemona Book 4  !!!

So your e-person has 'splaining to do

A couple were for Patricia C Wrede's reprints so she may know more if
Open Road told her.

The Cecelia and Kate Novels: Sorcery & Cecelia, The Grand Tour, and The
Mislaid Magician 
The Lyra Novels: Shadow Magic, Daughter of Witches, The Harp of Imach
Thyssel, Caught in Crystal, and The Raven Ring

Mike D
Little Egret in Walton-on-Thames

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