[LMB] Amazon update button delay for Penric

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Sun Oct 29 16:41:57 GMT 2017


> On 29 Oct 2017, at 21:58, Lois Bujold <lbujold at myinfmail.com> wrote:
> LMB:  top posting:  New purchasers now seem to be getting the corrected file, but the update button does not, as of this hour (9 AM Sunday morning) yet appear on the Amazon "manage your content and devices" page.
> I just made a new blog post with all the corrections for those who want to check.
> https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/15925681-limnos-corrections-cross-check 
> Some readers report being able to get help through the Amazon help-chat, but for the lazy or less obsessed it may just be easier to wait for the update button to magically appear.  Eventually, apparently.
> Ta, L.

I gave up on Amazon and re-bought it through iBooks. Though I’d have tried Amazon help chat had I known to.

Wonderful and amazing story, funny and suspenseful in turns, brilliant as always. And I’m glad to see one question settled.

Though is it because it’s fiction that people want to get married after only a few months of knowing the other person? In most developed countries these days, it often take years...

little Alex

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