[LMB] The latest Penric ! some errata ?

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Sun Oct 29 18:08:41 GMT 2017

Just finished Prisoner of Limnos, and liked it very much.

The novella form isn't quite as satisfying for me as a full-length novel, but this one came close. Except, of course, I wanted more. (Memory could go on forever and I would be happy. Also Horse Heaven, Pride and Prejudice, ....)

A couple of not-quite-errata:

The word "loath" is used twice, but the first time it's spelled "loth." According to my dictionary, that's acceptable but not the preferred spelling.

This spelling -- "largess" -- is acceptable, but "largesse" seems to be preferred.

In this phrase, "no matter how carefully watched-for," IMO there shouldn't be a hyphen.

Margaret (ex-technical writer)

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