[LMB] Birthday Tixie, 2018

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Mon Jan 1 20:24:17 GMT 2018

The Birthday Tixie crawls out of bed and wonders what the license number of
that champagne truck was. <G>


Oh, yes! Time to offer best wishes and some fun to today's birthday people!


Sylvia McIvers, we all hope you have a happy 43rd birthday! (you are in the
prime of your life this year, heh). For your gift, you have a nice trip to
Barrayar, and luxurious accommodations both ways, which involved some
wormhole travel so that you have a full month of time all to yourself,
without any problems back on Earth. You almost decide to stay on Beta! But
your reception in Vorbarr Sultana is delightful as well, and oh, so many
decisions to make! And the Betans offer a full selection of
weight-maintenance pharmaceuticals so you can eat whatever you like and you
will maintain your proper weight without any trouble (whether it needs to be
increased or decreased from its current level). 


Victoria L'Ecuyer, you will offered a couple of weeks (again, out of normal
time) to assist Professora Vorthys in historical research, with total access
to her library, and to her husband's pastry collection should you wish to
partake. An electronic version of that library is given to you at the end of
the stay, and the recipes for the pastries, too. We can make another side
trip to Beta for the weight maintenance drugs, if you like, there's no rush
on this trip. 


Happy Birthday!


Jean Lamb

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