[LMB] Birthday Tixie, just a bit early

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I had a very quiet birthday yesterday, which was just what I wanted. One of my daughters called while I was at the grocery store; the other called late in the afternoon; my brother called about the same time, and my nephew in Denver, late in the evening.

I had a light lunch at the senior center and treated myself to pie - only to hear the strains of  "Happy Birthday" halfway trough the meal, followed by the announcement that anybody with a January birthday should tell the cake ladies who they were. I ended up eating two desserts! And went home for a nice nap with the cat on top of me. A lot more restful than running with the wolves these days! And after supper, watched a favorite DVD.

How quiet and small-scale everything seems to be these days, and how much I want it that way.

Pat, now 79

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Awww....thanks! And one of the castle cats to curl up beside me in that feather bed and purr?

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Happy birthday to Pat Mathews, who is 79 today! Another who is in the prime
of her life, and all that. Pat, you will be a guest of the Provincara (well
before her death) and of Dowager Royina Ista (who is feeling much better now
that the Curse is all gone). The weather is early summer, before it's too
hot and stuffy, but well past the occasional and surprising downturns of
spring. One of the Mother's Healers will attend to your joints and tender
tummy, and you will be able to enjoy both the gentle riding expeditions and
the feasting table without fear. Chancellor Cazaril will be delighted to
talk of histories and the amazing documents he has uncovered in his duties,
and enjoy historical generational theory till both of you are ready for bed.
You will sleep on the best feather bed in the place, and awake without pain
or stiffness.

Happy Birthday!

Jean Lamb

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Phoenix in Shadow is up!


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