[LMB] OT: Book rec needed

Katherine Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Wed Jan 10 01:13:22 GMT 2018

On Jan 9, 2018, at 11:21 AM, Jim Parish <jparish at siue.edu> wrote:
> Sylvia McIvers wrote:
>> Library does not have these, but this looks fascinating: *Never cry wolf /
>> Farley Mowat.*
> Very entertaining, but not to be regarded as accurate. He said, much later: "I took some pride in having it known that I never let facts get in the way of a good story. I was writing subjective non-fiction all along."

Well, the details about Mowat's experiences may be fictionalized, but the facts about wolves are reasonably accurate -- and apparently the book was transformative in beginning to change the public's view of wolves.  It certainly triggered my life-long love for the wolf when I first read it about 1966.


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