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Best of luck in your surgery, and may it go well. I had a hip replacement, and the hardest part was the pain. Second hardest was when I only wanted to rest, the physical therapy people were at me to get up and move around as much as possible. But once you're recovered form the surgery, the difference is delightful.

Yes, you never do know what you do until you stop doing it, do you? Once when I was married, I had the flu and my husband had to fill in for me. He grumbled that he spent all day and didn't get any work done. I pointed out how much he had done that I wasn't able to, and he said "That's not work! That's just maintenance!" Funny, now .... one wonders if he thought the janitors at his workplace did no work! But a cause for screaming wrath at the time.  Poor baby. Then when we split and he had all that "non-work" to do for himself, including playing navigator while driving .... I insert an evil chortle here ....

Yes. Do get  help, and someone to baby-sit you for at least the first 48 hours. You never know beforehand how much you're going to need it. And may you have a good and straightforward recovery, and don't let them pile the work back on you too soon!


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Big apology for disappearing - Christmas was incredibly, delightfully
hectic, with many and varied mini-celebrations before the major ones.

At the same time I'm preparing for a knee replacement (common and
simple op, I know, but it's only my second surgery, and first time in
hospital on purpose - accidents and asthma don't count - and I've been
flat out getting everything ready.

I feel so akin to Ekaterin - you don't realise how much you do until you
stop doing it. I've had to arrange care for my Mum (family relay taking
over), two houses, two gardens (in the middle of a fierce summer, with
regular days over 40 - that's about 110 plus in the old Fahrenheit - total
plant frizzling weather), various pre-op things like dental work (I broke
two teeth. Two. Dammit.) Mail collection. Someone scraped my car in
the dentist's car park... still doing hydro twice a week.... etc etc.

I'm almost looking forward to the hospital. At least someone else has to
do the work. I'm telling myself it's like a spa, only with pain. I'm hoping
to get online, and to have the time to catch up on the board and do
something intelligent. Or at least coherent. Four days to a week in
hospital, one to two weeks in rehab, house arrest for another three or
four weeks till I can drive.

So, hopefully I'll be around again. Although with my luck and level of
competence, I probably won't be able to get onto the hospital wifi or


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