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On Tue, 23 Jan 2018, at 16:29, Lois Bujold wrote:
> [LMB] Thought for the day
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> KK:  My NESFA Press copy of Ethan of Athos is 199 pgs of text, the 
> Subterranean Press copy of Penric's Mission is 250 pgs of text. What's 
> the word count on these two, that the shorter one is a novel, the longer 
> is a novella. Or did the definition change in the last thirty years, 
> since novels have been running longer in recent years?
> LMB:  "Penric's Mission" is just under 45,000 words, _Ethan_, as I 
> recall was a bit under 80,000 words.
> So no, you can't go by page count, which is very adjustable with 
> typeface, type size, space between lines, margins and gutters, and 
> whether the next chapter starts on the immediate facing page or always 
> on the right (as one holds the book open) sometimes leaving a blank page 
> at chapter-end.  Typesetters -- now there's and obsolete word, let's say 
> book designers -- try not to leave too many blank pages unfilled at the 
> end in the printing page-bundle units that have a name I don't remember 
> offhand.

I thought "signature" but Wiki disagrees


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