[LMB] Levels of Bafflement, Jargon

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Wed Jan 24 05:25:11 GMT 2018

Pouncer offers the following rephrasings:

Were he to be taking the audit as an ACTUAL battle he might (preserving the
scansion) say "We have en/GAGED in a new and sur/PRISing SKIRM/ish with

Were he not military minded he might have said "We have ar/RIVED at new and
sur/PRISing VEN/ues of BAFFlement."

Ekaterin might offer gardening versions.  "Clues have BLOS/somed in new and
sur/PRISing FLOW/ers of BAFFlement." 


Free-associating freely :), when I think of how to quantify bafflement, I
would use "degrees." And what this does to the meter, and to my scansion:

"WE have ar/RIVED at NEW and sur/PRISing de/GREES of BAFFlement."

Or, changing the verb to one that seems to fit better:

"WE have ad/VANCED to NEW and sur/PRISing de/GREES of BAFFlement."

It's awful. A person could and even probably would say it, but it has no


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