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I figure it's the inevitable tweaking that occurs in moving from book to screen. In thbooks Mrs Butler is around too, Mrs Robinson is around too. Phryne gets the Robinsons the occasional invite to the Mayor's Annual Christmas Charity Ball sort of event. Robinson raises orchids in his spare time.

The girls Phryne adopts don't get much screen time either, in what I've seen. My library has DVDs of the first two seasons.

I'm betting the Chinese lover Phryne acquires doesn't ever make it to the TV. Or the girl he eventually marries. She & Phryne get along. Even the Chines granny likes Phryne, eventually.

Oh and a search for 'malachite bathtub pictures' produces several possibilities for what Phryne installs in her bathroom. Malachite is a bit busy for my taste, in something that big.

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who never played American baseball.

So, in the first three novels, and possibly an early Miss Fisher Mysteries episode, it is said that Jack Robinson is a family man, married, and I think some children in there.

However, in the MFM episodes, I have yet to see any (other) mention or sight of his family. I don't *think* Phrynne would deliberately engage in flirtation and attempted seduction with a married man, but I could be in error.
Can one of you folk in the Southern reaches, who have presumably had more time to appreciate Miss Fisher, novels and episodes,  explain to me what's what with Jack and any family he might have?

who watches, on Mondays, Father Brown, Miss Fisher, Doctor Blake (possibly succeeded by The Alienist--I'll give it another episode to see if it works for me and my belle-mère), and The Good Doctor. Dr. Blake is not shown in any order, which drives me bats, since these aren't reruns for me.
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