[LMB] OT: Phrynne Fisher's Jack Robinson

I iosef at gothic.net.au
Wed Jan 24 18:10:44 GMT 2018

On 25/01/2018 2:41 AM, Kevin Kennedy wrote:
> I figure it's the inevitable tweaking that occurs in moving from book to screen. In thbooks Mrs Butler is around too, Mrs Robinson is around too. Phryne gets the Robinsons the occasional invite to the Mayor's Annual Christmas Charity Ball sort of event. Robinson raises orchids in his spare time.

In this particular case there is more than just the usual problems 
moving from a cold medium to a hot one. In addition the ABC budget per 
episode was quite low. To that end Mrs Butler, Mrs Robinson both get 
edited out, and only the one adoptee, keeping the body count of regulars 
down. Lin doesn't make it in for similar reasons, in addition to any 
speculation about unwillingness to draw the attention of the racists in 
the country. Lins wife would never have a chance under the current regime.

The financial constraints are also why there are so few settings outside 
of Melbourne. The additional costs for location shoots were considered 

Despite the success of the series, and the overseas sales, the current 
Government, and their appointed Director, who was previously a NewsCorp 
executive, tried to de-fund the show at the end of season 2, and 
succeeded after season three. There was a Kickstarter to part fund a 
series of three films with the original cast.


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