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Kind Regards,
Helen Fenton

> On 25 Jan 2018, at 12:06 PM, A. Marina Fournier <saffronrose at me.com> wrote:
> Thank you--but I'm 64 today. 

Happy Beatles birthday!!! (When I'm 64).
I hope you have a wonderful time and a fantastic year to follow. Best wishes from downunder'
> On Jan 24, 2018, at 10:10 AM, Jean Lamb <tlambs1138 at charter.net> wrote:
> Marina Fournier is 63 today, and for her birthday treat, she is dining with
> both one and a multitude. That is, she is having a quiet picnic with Penric.
> Nikys is on a visit to her mother and that very interesting artisan, her
> sort of brother, and they will stop by in a few hours. Meanwhile, Marina and
> Penric are sitting at a comfortable outdoor table with reasonable chairs,
> and a lovely assortment of food (including some cheese from Penric's home).
> amf:
> Cheeeese, Grommit! Actually I learned just last night about the black market in small-batch artisanal cheeses in Spain during much of Franco's reign (GastrObscura).
> Usually, I want lobster on my birthday, but on a weeknight, with northbound commute traffic jams between Palo Alto and Redwood City, and a husband who needs not to be driving much then, Old Port Lobster Shack is out.
> I was going to make reservations at the lovely Basque tapas place in Los Gatos--where they have a lovely large selection of Spanish cheeses from cows, sheep, and goats. However, it turns out that Valentine's Day (we never go out for VDay dinner anymore) and my birthday are on the same day of the week, and Wednesdays are our date night. The tapas place is not the cheapest, so in order to make that happen we either skip date nights for about 3 weeks, or have very cheap dinners. I chose to go to Pintxos Pote on VDay.
> 30 years ago, I had a dreadful birthday, doing things with other folks that weren't all that interesting, being stuck at BurgerThing, whose food I don't like, and then being left out of the rest of the evening because I "wasn't fun enough" (yes, that's what they said).
> Well, yeah, major depression. Two of them had jumped on me for "taking too many meds". Aspirin for headaches is not drug abuse. I cut all three out of my life.
> That I am *choosing* to go to a fast-food joint, albeit a better quality one, today, is *my* choice. I stopped eating ordinary ground beef after learning too much about the process in the standard commercial product. While I should confine myself to grass-fed beef, it's not happening immediately. I will eat ground beef IF and only IF it is ground there, that day, where I'm buying/consuming it. Family run local markets have real butchers instead of "meat clerks", and I ask if they grind their own. Lunardi's here makes their own sausages (I adore merguez), and in addition to grinding their own meat, allow special orders, such as roasters, which are older and larger than the broiler or fryer chickens.
> In'n'Out grinds their own beef, makes their own buns (I don't care for sponge buns, so I go for lettuce wrap), and processes their own potatoes for their fries. In addition, the starting pay is a dollar or so above the local minimum wage, and in spite of the company being strongly Christian (fine print "witnessing" on some containers & wrapping), they don't care if applicants wear hijab. Currently, they have a donation campaign to help trafficked children, which they are matching 3:1.  They do good by doing well, and vice versa. So off I go tonight.
> During the course of three or four hours, they fall into conversation, and
> Penric feels easy enough to let Desdemona talk, as well as some of the
> previous occupants. Mira flirts just a bit for fun, and the others emerge
> for a short time.
> amf:
> and I can flirt back
> Marina enjoys asking about the history of all the places
> Desdemona has been, but lets up when she sees Penric is clearly exhausted.
> Nikys and her mother drop by (in case they need to rescue either one), see
> that things are going well, and enjoy the picnic. 
> amf: Fun, fun, fun, no T-bird in sight (pop culture reference).
> Thanks for the treat and the good wishes!
> Marina
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