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Thu Jan 25 06:22:36 GMT 2018


LOL, what a fun dream! I wear socks to sleep for warmth, too, mainly
because the heater dries up my skin too much...

little Alex

On 25 January 2018 at 10:38, Nicholas David Rosen <ndrosen at erols.com> wrote:

> Lois has not given us a new Miles adventure for some time, but on Thursday
> night, my sleeping mind filled in, and I dreamed a Vorkosigan/Dendarii
> adventure of my own.  I can't give a coherent account of it, but clone
> rescue was involved, and combat against the bad guys, and socks.
> I don't just mean that Miles or someone was wearing socks, but that socks
> were persons in the dream.  There were yellow socks and purple socks, and
> there was a purple sock which was only long enough to reach up to the
> ankle, so I knew he was an infiltrator, not like the regular (cloned, I
> think) purple socks.  There was a firefight between these brave socks
> fighting on the right side and the bad guys (also socks, I think).  The bad
> guys were scared off, or were going to be scared off, because there were
> multiple socks of the same shape and color fighting them, and when they
> thought they had the drop on one good sock, another clone of the same kind
> would be there to aim at them.  (I am not clear on just how socks were able
> to carry and fire ray guns, or whatever they had.)
> Why this sock obsession?  Well, it had been cold lately, and I had been
> wearing socks in bed for warmth instead of turning up the thermostat, so
> that might have something to do with it.  None of my socks, however, are
> either purple or bright yellow.
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