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>> Good evening everyone,
>> I’ve been immersed in the Vorkosigan saga for some time and I’m trying to
>> work out the Imperial service ranks. I get it that it’s a mixed service and
>> if you get ship duty naval ranks are used but ground forces use army ranks.
>> it’s the colours that are puzzling me. So, it’s pale blue for Ensigns, red
>> for lieutenants, blue for captains (is that just ground forces?) and yellow
>> for admirals. There do seem to be some missing, eg Lieutenant commanders,
>> commanders, majors and colonels. Anyone have a fuller list than me? Thanks
>> for any comments.
>> Oh, and I’m guessing that cadets would be white like they are everywhere
>> else.
> Yes cadets are white cloth (we see that in The Mountains of Mourning, when
> Miles is setting up his memorial offering at Piotr's grave).
> About 1/4 of the way down a very long article, you can find a table of the
> rank markings that have been seen in the Saga:
> http://vorkosigan.wikia.com/wiki/Barrayaran_Imperial_Service under Ranks.
> And indeed it is incomplete. Looks like you have all the tabs seen besides
> cadet, though.

Coming in with a second post. If you've been doing researchy reading, as it
sounds, perhaps you'd like to look over some relevant articles in the wikia
and add tweaks? I've put together a pretty full site (there are still holes
for content from Gentleman Jole. I'm slow at filling them in because I'm
only slowly regaining energy after a very difficult several years of time.)

Karen Hunt

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