[LMB] Memory

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Sat Jan 27 15:53:50 GMT 2018

Howard writes:

Memory is not as sharp as reality.   We don t remember pain nor flavors nor colors nor joy sufficiently to take the place of reality.

I ve read that every time we pull something out of long term memory into short term memory, and put it back in long term memory it is subject to change, as in playing the game  telephone .

How does Illyan s device work?   Is it the same as long term memory?   Or is it closer to a library where he can control what gets placed in storage and what gets recalled?


IIRC, he does not control what goes in. Everything that he experiences through sight or sound is recorded. We were told that the chip did not register smell or taste (I think), not sure about touch. This is in Memory, I think.

With respect to recall -- I don't think he takes it out and puts it back. The record is there available for review, and can be re-reviewed at will, rather like running a tape. Of course, his experience of reviewing his memory would create new records. But I don't think the new records would alter or overwrite the originals. He must have had some scheme for distinguishing the original from reruns.


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