[LMB] Birthday Tixie

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Sat Jan 27 17:13:55 GMT 2018

Maruta Boyd, happy birthday! Since we don't know your age, we'll assume
Cetagandan genes and expect you to live for a long, long time. In fact, you
have been invited to the Celestial Garden for a rose viewing. This is more
exciting than you think since some enterprising person has smuggled some
Barrayaran feral roses to add to the mix (please stay behind the plexiglass
barrier, thank you!). Granted, it is a fifth grade school project, but the
mother is very proud of her darling daughter for having weaponized flowers
(the thorns can be thrown now). But you are also given a tour of the rest of
the garden, which is somewhat tamer, and have a lovely tea with a group of
haut ladies. 


Happy Birthday! 


Jean Lamb

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