[LMB] Memory

BJ van Look vanlook at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 28 17:49:01 GMT 2018

Howard writes:
How does Illyan s device work?  Is it the same as long term memory?  Or is it closer to a library where he can control what gets placed in storage and what gets recalled?

Margaret writes:
With respect to recall -- I don't think he takes it out and puts it back. The record is there available for review, and can be re-reviewed at will, rather like running a tape. Of course, his experience of reviewing his memory would create new records. But I don't think the new records would alter or overwrite the originals. He must have had some scheme for distinguishing the original from reruns.

BJ writes:
Isn't part of the aftermath of Illyan's recovery that his short-term memory has atrophied? It might have been a coping mechanism WRT "playback" of chip-memories. If you don't create any short-term memory, then it can't be turned into long-term memory--which can't conflict with the chip.
This may be why he was the only one who didn't go insane. (others did, based on SoH, IIRC)

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