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> Over the course of the series, there's a fair amount of discussion of
> Miles taking after one, or both, of his parents.  There's some talk of
> Cordelia and her father, both explorers.  In _Gentleman Jole & The Red
> Queen_, Cordelia mentions having her mother help her head-hunt medical
> teachers & trainers for Sergyar.  Maybe Cordelia gets some of her
> organizational and administrative expertise from her mom?  Two formidable
> ladies working together--[here, plot-bunny, plot-bunny... ;)]
> Cordelia taking after her mom isn't a topic we've talked about much
> on-list.

For an example from Cryoburn (Miles talking to Raven Durona about his
My Betan grandmother is alive and well and opinionated to this day, in
fact. If you ever meet her, you’ll understand a whole lot more about my

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