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> LMB: Ah, yes, it's coming back to me. That is primarily remembered
> as "the book tour where I had plantar fasciitis". Ouch.

I have had that too, and I'd say that "Ouch" is an understatement.
More like long shrill screams of agony.
Yes, I have also had. Felt like a nail had been driven up into my heel. The
worst episode I didn't know how I was going to get from my office to the
elevator, much less all the way to my car. I clung to the wall the whole
time I was in the building.

The clinging to walls is what I did last summer, when an attack of extreme vertigo hit while being driven to an oto-neurologist. The second worst episode I've had, the first having been so bad I couldn't move without support, and certainly couldn't drive to pick up my son from preschool. The only cause I've ever thought probable was it being a weird form of migraine.

I think my right-heel bonespur had been developing over 25 years or so. The right heel of a shoe pair was always more uncomfortable, until I thought, I have plantar fasciitis, not uncommon with dancers. As time went on, my heel hurt more and more, and shoes were extremely uncomfortable. I did the suggested exercises, none of which helped. I took myself off to a podiatrist.

Told him what I thought the problem. He poked the sole of my right heel, which was a "so, what?" THEN he poked the back of my heel and I about hit the ceiling. Xrays proved there was a substantial spur dead center of the back of my right heel: I could even see it. So a month or so later, on 31 December 2010, it came off, my achilles tendon was repositioned, 2.5 weeks in a blasted airboot, and no stairs. Actually thresholds were a problem too, as you can't hop off/over one in that condition without inviting a faceplant on concrete.

If there hadn't been a chair-lift to the lower lever of the eastern side of the house, I'd have been stuck on the main floor all day. The knee-caddy had to be taken up/down the stairs by someone else, and the (small) dogs couldn't manage the uncarpetted stairs. However, the dogs loved the idea that there was a captive human at whose legs they could sleep, and the bed was low enough that even the elder & smaller one could get up on his own.

My right ankle will never make anyone swoon, but the pain is gone, and I can dance.

I hope all of you who have PF get relief.


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