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Harvey Fishman fishman at panix.com
Wed May 2 23:30:03 BST 2018

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>>  LMB: Ah, yes, it's coming back to me. That is primarily remembered
>>  as "the book tour where I had plantar fasciitis". Ouch.
> FS:
> ?
> I have had that too, and I'd say that "Ouch" is an understatement.
> More like long shrill screams of agony.
> ?
> KH:?
> Yes, I have also had. Felt like a nail had been driven up into my heel. The
> worst episode I didn't know how I was going to get from my office to the
> elevator, much less all the way to my car. I clung to the wall the whole
> time I was in the building.

I have long suffered from plantar fasciitis also, but some years ago I found
for me an answer. It is a foot stretcher. The particular brand that I have is
Pro-Stretch but there are many others, usually cheaper. Search Amazon for

Anyway, at the first hint of the problem recurring I spend about 15 minutes
teetering away on this and the problem recedes (for me). I found this from
being sent for physical therapy by the podiatrist. The therapist had me
working out on one. PT is costly, even with my insurance plan ($50.00
co-pay a pop).

This is not a diagnois, merely an observation of what has worked FOR ME. But
since Amazon has one of these for about $16.00, it may be worth a try on
general principles.


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