[LMB] clinging to walls [OT]

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Thu May 3 13:00:34 BST 2018

> From: "A. Marina Fournier"
> The clinging to walls is what I did last summer, when an attack of extreme
> vertigo hit while being driven?to an oto-neurologist. The second worst
> episode I've had, the first having been so bad I couldn't move without
> support, and certainly couldn't drive to pick up my son from preschool. The
> only cause I've ever thought probable?was it being a weird form of migraine.

Vestibular migraines are actually quite common, so it's a good guess.
Especially if you had no lingering symptoms of unbalance after it had
passed. Though, you'd think the oto-neurologist would have suggested a

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