[LMB] Another special day!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri May 11 14:43:46 BST 2018

Today we gather together to remember that wonderful day in 1956
when Kenton Schoen entered the world.

Kenton, we all send you our best birthday wishes. And as your special
birthday treat you will be going on a cruise!

Well, you'll be on a boat. On a very large river. You'll have the chance to
float down the river on a luxurious houseboat. Well, it's clean. And you'll
be able to watch the majestic river, and visit interesting settlements
along the way. Make sure to try the local foods, and to visit the trading
posts. You'll see the Lakewalker canoes, laden with furs for trading. And
the other houseboats, a dizzying variety of construction styles.

You'll have such fun helping to keep a lookout for snags in the river,
and you'll have your turn at the oars to help out. Plus your turn at cooking,
and at cleaning up the deck. They have a goat.

Ok, yes, you've been signed on as a boat-hand. From Silver Shoals all the

way to Graymouth. What a wonderful cruise!

Have a great birthday, Kenton!

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