[LMB] Vorkosiverse Characters Meet Harry Potter Sorting Hat

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Every house is capable of villainy each in its own way.

Consider, if you will, the way James Potter relentlessly bullied Severus Snape for nothing more than his poverty and social awkwardness. Note also that when Gryffindors thinks they're in the right, they can commit the most appalling atrocities. I call your attention to French history ca. 1790 et. seq.

Ravenclaw villainy takes the form of intellectual arrogance and enforcing theories on raw messy humanity. Or focusing so much on their work, they ignore the consequences. "If the rocket goes up, who cares where it comes down? That's not my department, said Wernher von Braun."

Hufflepuff villainy comes from a Rules Is Rules standpoint. I give you Dolores Umbridge.

Okay!~And so --- Naismith is unmitigated Gryffindor. Miles Vorkosigan discovered, in midlife, that there was a streak of Hufflepuff at the bottom of that, "A hillman, stubborn as the rocks and too dumb to quit...." And "To serve and protect" is a very Hufflepuffish value.

 Slytherins are ambitious, conniving, and tribal -minded. And very worldly-wise. They were intended to be part of a 4-way balance, and with them relegated to the role of villain, Hogwarts is terribly unbalanced. Lady Alys is a born diplomat and that could easily be a Slytherin trait, yes.

Aral - damaged Gryffindor? He is an idealist for certain, but not of the fire kind. Cordelia, yes, Ravenclaw to the core. So is Ekaterin's Aunt Vorthys.

Piotr? "Get the job done." And traditionalist to the core. Hufflepuff. Ekaterin? Hufflepuff - again, "get the job done." And heaven knows Miles needs the grounding she supplies. If she were a mage, she'd be an Earth Mage.

Elli Quinn is General Patton in a Dendarii uniform.

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For those who are fans of both Harry Potter and the Vorkosigans, some
speculation of which Hogwarts house various Vorkosiverse characters belong
in.  Can be read as analyses of the characters' personalities.  (Someone
posted this to Facebook.)

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