[LMB] another relevant Rita Rudner line

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 02:12:47 BST 2018

From: Louann Miller <domelouann at gmail.com>

I think it's mostly Cordelia who has a negative attitude to body births,
and considering her experiences who can blame  her? Less explicable to me
is later Cordelia's apparent conviction that absolutely everyone -- even
Alys and Simon -- would find their lives improved by some babies in them.

Gwynne: I think partly it's her maternal urges that were stifled by only being
able to have one child - she so wanted a whole tribe of kids, it was one of the
(few) advantages of living on Barrayar. And then, cruelly, she ended up having
fewer children than she'd have had on Beta - and it was Barrayar's fault,
because Miles's handicaps meant that they didn't dare have another child
or Piotr would have been able to bypass him in the inheritance.

When the shackles are gone, she plans on six more children - that's really
over-achieving. PLUS more as Aral/Oliver offspring, which she's going to
be close to as well. That's a HECK of a lot of dammed-up maternal urges
coming free at last.

Also, I think she felt that some Alys/Simon offspring would take the pressure
off Ivan. At least Cordelia managed to divert all her maternal urges and give
Miles some space to run his own life, but Alys really didn't let up on Ivan;
for a politically aware woman she was remarkably blind to the effects of her
interminable marital campaign.

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