[LMB] Fireworks and celebrations!

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Mon May 14 15:09:14 BST 2018

Sounds like a wonderful day. Thank you.

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Today we send our best birthday wishes to Kevin Kennedy.

May you have a wonderful day of love and laughter.

And to help that along, Kevin, you will travel to Vinyasca for a special
spring festival. You can admire the beautiful embroidery, sewing and
wool work on display, watch the horse races - and choose your own
champion in the races, or even ride in a race yourself if you wish. There
are also contests in javelin, calf-wrangling and wood chopping. As the
special guest at the festival you'll be presenting the prizes to the winners.

After that there's the food - whole beasts roasting in the fire pits,
with fresh bread, spiced sauces, and followed by all manner of cakes
and sweet fruit tarts, washed down with the local wines and ales.

As night falls the music starts, and there'll be dancing - all the old
country dances and reels, getting wilder as the night goes on.

A day of fun, frolic and joyous celebration.  Have a great birthday, Kevin!

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