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>Part of his connection with Tej. Both families wanted a different 
>mindset and ambition from their children than the children had.
>I think Ivan spotted it first, “Maybe you just wanted to dance.” For 
>her sisters, dancing was (and only could be) a means to an end not 
>something to do for its own enjoyment.
>I wonder who put down her love of languages as not practical because of 
>earbuds. Earbuds are not always practical (see DI) and even the most 
>accurate translation will not include the cultural assumptions that go 
>with it.
>To my mind, a culture doesn’t cross languages. Countries with multiple 
>languages have multiple cultures.
>Ivan may not be a tactical or strategic genius but he does excel at 
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I think that what Ivan excels at is really tactics which what unsnarling 
the snakes essentially is. Perhaps not battlefield tactics, but still 
tactics. I think that you misunderstand the meaning of logistics, which 
is quartermastering.


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